Toccami Grill - a place where food tastes and the air is at premium level

Enduser: Toccami Grill
Address: Krátka 2007/4, 92701, Šaľa
Industry: Hotels & Restaurants
The challenge: The dining room of the restaurant has 70 seats in the interior and 54 seats on the terrace. The volume of the room is 350 m³.

The situation with COVID complicated the operation of the restaurant. Customers could not enjoy food directly in the restaurant, they could only order it packaged. Fortunately, customers remained loyal to the restaurant thanks to the delicious food.
The owners lacked close contact with customers and therefore began to look for solutions how they could increase the safety of their employees as well as customers. The solution is an Astropure 2000 air purifier with a pre-filter, HEPA filter and UV lamp. Astropure 2000 minimizes the risk of infections.

The volume of the restaurant room is 350 m3. An air exchange rate of 4-8 is recommended to achieve adequate ventilation. Astropure 2000 is currently set at 1400 m³ / hour, therefore all air in the restaurant room is filtered every 15 minutes. The low noise of the device does not disrupt the normal operation of the restaurant or customers. In addition to the air purifier Toccami Grill decided to install Sensor360 air monitoring sensors. The sensor installation provides real time monitoring of the air quality in the restaurant and ensures that the restaurant operators are always one step ahead of the possible dangers posed by poor indoor air quality.

“The installation of the Astropure 2000 air purifier was a very important step for us, which allows us to improve the air quality in the restaurant and thus reduce the risk of transmission of infections. Our customers praise the increased safety during their stay in the restaurant. Many customers were attracted by advertising presented in the local media and press. The good feeling of clean air is also enhanced by the Sensor360TM air purity measurement system.” Peter Pincéš, Co-owner of the restaurant

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