Roll-O-Mat ®

Produkta pārskats
  • ISO 16890: Coarse 35% 
  • Filtra materiāls: stikla šķiedra
  • Nodrošināts ar antibakteriālu pārklājumu 
  • Temperatūra limits: 80 oC

Lai nodrošinātu optimālu darbību visa filtra kalpošanas laikā, tas ir veidots uz stabilas un izturīgas pamatnes un paredzēts izmantošanai AAF Roll-O-Matic automātiskajā roll - filtru sistēmā.

Roll-O-Mat media has been developed for use in AAF's automatic roll filter, the Roll-O-Matic filter. Roll-O-Mat media are available on cores and can be installed in other manufacturers’ automatic roll filter equipment. The rolls operate trouble-free and provide superior filter performance.

Roll-O-Mat media is made of glass fibre. From the air entering side to the air leaving side, the diameter of the fibres becomes smaller and the weave progressively tighter. This construction enables dirt particles to collect throughout the entire depth of the media. It also eliminates face loading and increases both arrestance and dust holding capacity.

Roll-O-Mat media has more glass fibre per square meter than competitive brands; more fibre means more surface area for arresting dirt particles. At those places where the fibres cross, they are glued together with AAF’s specially formulated thermoset resin. This results in a highly resilient construction that resists compression in the airstream. Roll-O-Mat media maintains its form and performance throughout its service life.

The glass fibre is heavily coated with AAF’s exclusive antimicrobial adhesive. The highly viscous adhesive clings to the fibre, and as a result thoroughly saturates the entering dirt particles. Accumulated dirt will not break away and blow downstream.

The antimicrobial treatment maintains its dirt-trapping characteristics over the life of the media. It is non-toxic and odourless. High tension strength roll filter media must have sufficient strength to maintain the full width under the tension created as the roll advances. If the media “necks” and pulls out of the side channels, unfiltered air bypasses the media. The high tensile strength of the Roll-O-Mat M94 filter is the result of glass wire strands placed every 15 cm on the air leaving side of the media, running the entire length of the roll.

The Roll-O-Mat M85 filter has a glass fibre scrim on the air leaving side. This media maintains its full width and stays in the side channels.

  • Komerciālas ēkas
  • Materiālu apstrāde
Filtra materiāla veids Stikla šķiedra
Pieejami īpaši izmēri
Max. Darbības Temperatūra 80°C
ISO 16890 Coarse 35%
Pieejams antibakteriāls pārklājums Papildus