Produkta pārskats
  • ISO 16890: Coarse 35%
  • Filtra klase EN779:2012: G2 - G3
  • Filtra materiāls: cinkota tērauda stieple
  • Papildus: antibakteriāls pārklājums
  • Filtra rāmis: cinkots tērauds
  • Temperatūras limits: 65 (piesūcināts) - 500C nepiesūcināts)
  • Samazinātas uzturēšanas izmaksas
  • Augsta putekļu aizturēšanas jauda un ilgs kalpošanas laiks
  • Viegls un vienkārši uzstādāms

MetaNet filters are washable metal air filters designed for use in heavy-duty industrial applications, and in commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Owing to their excellent dust holding capacity and ability to perform in high moisture conditions, these filters are particularly suitable for use as grease filters in kitchen hoods.

The MetaNet filter’s ability to reduce grease deposits in fixtures and ductwork has many cost saving benefits:

• reduces frequency of duct cleaning  maintenance

• reduces the risk of fire 

• prolongs the lifespan of fans and motors

• promotes health and safety in kitchens

MetaNet filter media consists of multiple layers of pleated galvanized wire formed into a compact maze of dirt catching surfaces. This multiple layer design creates an effective dust holding barrier for dust laden particles, while allowing clean air particles to move through the media unhindered. This media is also available in a stainless steel and aluminum sheet execution.

To ensure complete filter integrity in difficult operating conditions, this filter frame is made of sturdy galvanized steel. The multi-layered media is held in place by metal grids on both the air inlet and air outlet sides. This construction increases filter rigidity and ensures filter performance in heavy dust loading applications. The frame is also available in a stainless steel and aluminum execution.

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  • Pārtikas un dzērienu ražošana
ISO 16890 Coarse 35%
Filtra dziļums (mm) 13, 20, 48, 98
Filtra materiāla veids Cinkota tērauda stieple
Max. Darbības Temperatūra 65˚C (treated), 500˚C (untreated)
Pieejami īpaši izmēri
Pieejams antibakteriāls pārklājums Papildus