Providing highest protection for Cleanrooms and other High Purity manufacturing areas.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, strict requirements on air purity levels are necessary because of the direct effect that airborne contamination has on the quality of the pharmaceutical products. Anything that could come into direct contact with a pharmaceutical product is a potential risk toward contamination.


Especially for aseptically prepared parenteral medicine (such as injectables and infusions), no contamination can be accepted, otherwise severe harm or life-threatening health risks to the patient can result.

Control of viable and non-viable particles is crucial in many process applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Protection of people from hazardous or potent compounds is equally important. AAF offers a wide variety of supply, exhaust and recirculated air housings and filter types to address each application.



No clean air is possible without a carefully selected and reliably functioning air filtration system. The performance of installed air filters, whether highly efficient HEPA filters or prefilters, directly determines how effectively harmful contaminants are prevented from entering the airstream in process environments.


However, if the air filter selection process does not also consider the lifetime operating costs of a given product, facilities could be exposed to unnecessary risks and expenses.

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